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Digitally Content

First class digital media creation.

From corporate video, voice over, audio podcasting, sound design, event filming to video marketing.

Helping you to get the right digital content for your brand or your business.

The Digital Revolution is happening

The world has changed, and the world is Digital.

We are all now broadcasters, free from the shackles from the traditional media outlets. It is the content revolution!


You or your business, brand, band, personality have the ability to run your own radio and television station, creating your own documentaries, testimonials, adverts, there is no limit and the audience is GLOBAL and accessible 24/7 and 365. It can be a little daunting to know the best path to take.

Digitally Content provides


A picture speaks a thousand words, so what are your pictures saying about your brand?

Don’t be satisfied with some hastily shot images from your iPhone. Let Digitally Content help you build a library of impactful images for you or your business which create a strong brand association and speak volumes about your business.

Digitally Content offer’s the following photographic services :

  • Event photography – Music photography – Product and building photography
  • Headshots – Reportage – Behind the scenes photography

Our creative approach to projects ensures that the content is specific to your helping you achieve your goals and most importantly engaging to the viewer.

Video Production

Video is a compelling visual medium used to engage potential customers, improve search engine rankings and increase online presence.

Not to mention, it’s a great way to increase the visibility of your brand and lead people to your website. We offer a number of cost effective solutions to create unique films.

Digitally content specialise in the following

  • Promotional films – Documentary and Interviews
  • Event and conference videography – Music Videos
  • Product filming – Testimonial and CV videography
  • Workshops and Webinars – Training videos
  • and in our spare time we also shoot independent features.




Many people tend to ignore sound, but the as the adage goes ‘you can watch a film with a bad picture and good sound, but you can’t watch a film with bad sound‘.

Thinking about sound can help you achieve your goals by releasing the potential that exceptional music and sound design can offer, be it in a film, or in a public square, or for your on-hold service, or the bleep your widget makes.

Don’t have your clients turn away because they can’t hear what you are trying to say.


  • Blog and Podcast recording – Voice Overs – Event recording – Location recording
  • Sound Design – Audio and sonic branding – On-hold messages – Bespoke composition

OUR sole aim is to assist you or your company in achieving the best possible content at the most affordable rates, WITHOUT compromising on quality.

What sets us apart is that we aim to help those individuals, companies, bands without large budgets produce the highest quality content.

Digitally Content are based in Manchester, but as you can see from our portfolio, there is no limit to where we will go.

Our work has seen us work with everyone from royalty, Nobel prize winners to rock stars and beyond, our work have been seen by a global audience both online and at key film festivals around the world such as Cannes.

Look No Further. Become Digitally Content

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Corporate Clients

  • Apt Design
  • University of Salford 
  • Salford Business School
  • Sonocent Audio Notetaker
  • Notetalker
  • Together Trust
  • ActiveNeuroTherapy
  • Manchester Friends of the Earth
  • Sbi International


  • University of Salford
  • University of Manchester
  • Edge-Hill University
  • wide range of SME’s and individuals.

Music Video

  • Groovething
  • North and South Duo
  • Amanda-Rose Hill
  • Audiopimps
  • Rene
  • Katy Clayton

Film Production

  • Diffusion Films
  • Eskimo Productions
  • Twin Films
  • Alt-Angle Films
  • 33 Films

Timely Advice

We will help keep you right up to date with the current and future trends in the digital environment.

Innovative Methods

At Digitally Content, we are approachable and easy going, and will use innovative tuition models to ensure that not only learning will us is not a chore, but enjoyable and most importantly something you remember.

Advanced Technology

Take time to look at our courses, which are right up today and will empower you and your business to move into the future.

Clear Communication

It is easy to be overwhelmed with the range of digital services and requirements in today’s social media world. Digitally Content specialise in using clear communication helping you to understand and fully utilise the tools and options available to you.