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Digitally Content is a leading provider of content creation and training which is strategically targeted you and your market place. Empowering you to develop high quality/low cost content in house or for you via our highly skilled content creators.

Digital Media Creation – Video – Audio – Photography – Training

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The Digital Revolution is happening

The world has changed, and the world is Digital. We are all now broadcasters, free from the shackles from the traditional media outlets. It is the personal content revolution! You or your business, brand, band, personality have the ability to run your own radio and television station, creating your own documentaries, testimonials, adverts, there is no limit and the audience is GLOBAL and accessible 24/7 and 365. It can be a little daunting to know the best path to take. Digitally Content are here to guide you through this journey, assisting you in creating high quality content and empowering your to create your own.

Digital content, be it video, audio, imagery is crucial in this social media age as it is used to engage potential customers, improve search engine rankings and increase online presence. Not to mention, it’s a great way to increase the visibility of you, your brand, your band or your product and help lead people to your website.


Video Showreel 2015

Let Digitally Content help you

Digitally Content is a content creation and training company, who’s sole aim is to assist you or your company great the best possible online content at the most affordable rates, WITHOUT compromising on quality. What sets us apart is that we aim to help those individuals, companies, band without large budgets produce the highest quality content. Digitally Content also offers targeted training which can help empower you to create your own high quality content, helping you save money in the longer term.

Digitally Content are based in Manchester, but as you can see from our portfolio, there is no limit to where we will go. Our work has seen us film everyone from royalty, Nobel prize winners to rock stars and beyond, our films have been seen by a global audience both online and at key film festivals around the world such as Cannes.

We offer an exceptional, affordable, reliable and professional service to help get you, your business, your brand or band positioned correctly in the digital online world.

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Just some of Digitally Content’s core services

Film production

  • Corporate Films
  • Promotional Films
  • Product Filming
  • Event and Conference Filming
  • Performance Filming
  • Music Videos
  • Event Streaming


  • Event and conference photography
  • Reportage
  • Gig photography
  • Concept photography
  • Product photography
  • Head shots
  • Travel photography
  • Landscape and architecture photography

Audio production

  • Blog and podcast recording
  • Voice Overs
  • Event recording
  • Location recording
  • Performance and gig recording
  • Sound Design
  • Audio Branding
  • Bespoke composition


  • Content Creation
  • Making the most of your existing equipment
  • Digital marketing
  • Social Media strategies
  • YouTube and Vimeo setup and optimisation
  • Dissecting analytics
  • Social Media Audit

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Why video?

Whether you’re looking for some filming, a film/edit job or something specific such as corporate video, event video, music videos or more then we can help you out. Film & video are everywhere, is yours?


You need to engage your potential and existing customers in the best way possible and this way is video. For any brand using the web and social media, a video is a must have these days. The evolution of video on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The progress of mobile technology. It has led to an explosion in video content. Consumers spend considerably more time on web pages that have video content. What are your impressions of a commercial web page when it has video content compared to when it is just a lot of text…

Why targeted training?

Digitally Content offers formal training which empowers you and your business with the skills to develop high quality digital content and social marketing strategies, and save on outsourcing costs. We provide information on how to choose the right equipment and software (and help advise on the use of the fantastic array of free and fully featured software on the market) We offer training on a ‘one to one’ basis, group basis, or multi-company basis, contact us for more information.

Inspiring You

Digitally Content can coach you in a variety of different skills from public speaking, to performance, whilst also helping you and your company with creativity and development workshops, which not only are great for ideas generation and business development, but also for team interaction and motivation.


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